The responses given when the children completed an evaluation

 included feelings of being:

happy, free, relaxed, creative, 

great, peaceful, relaxed and fresh like it is a brand new day“. Other

comments included ,” When people do their art, they’re drawing what’s

inside them” and “I feel like I can draw whatever I think of “.

One child who had lost his grandfather said, “When I  look at my picture  it will remind me of Poppy and it will make me happy“.

I have worked with children of all age groups and adults. I have also worked with women at the Women’s Cottage at Richmond , in  groups and with individuals. The women found the sessions very therapeutic and looked forward to them each week.

One lady said,” When I draw in a circle I feel calm and relaxed.”

When drawing one child said, ” I put all the bad things outside the circle and when I feel sad I will go into the circle.”

Another child said,” My fish represent my friends and how we are all connected.”

” The rainbow colours make me feel happy.”