Drawing in a circle after chakra meditation

A group of adults engaged in a chakra meditation. Chakras are energy centres in your body. They are associated with different colours. By placing your hand on each chakra you can feel if you have an emotional block. By meditating on this it can help release this blockage.

After the meditation the group drew in a circle and then we shared what they drew. One lady said she didn’t know why she drew circles as she usually draws sharp edges. After reflection she said,” People say I can be abrupt even those who first meet me.” Another lady drew a highway with roads coming off and said, ” The highway is me and the roads are my children. The red background is my mum( who had recently passed) and that represents that she is holding us all together. Red is associated with the base or root chakra which is important to remain grounded and centred. Another lady drew green and brown and said, ” Green represents creativity and I feel my creativity has been unblocked. I feel like going home and painting and making jewellery.”

Art therapy is very powerful in bringing the sub conscious to the conscious

.Self- realisation is one area achieved through the art therapy process.

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I am an experienced special education teacher and art therapist. I have a major in psychology and a diploma in art therapy.