Coloured gem stones

Sometimes I get my students to choose a coloured gem stone and then discuss why they were attracted to that. We then placed the stone on each chakra as I said a chakra meditation. The student then carried that colour theme into her painting and expressed her feeling around that. Connecting with nature helps her relax and connecting with the colour green assisted her with this association.

Art therapy group

I have been doing an art therapy session with adults and it has been very insightful. I did a chakra meditation and asked them to put their hand on each chakra as I spoke about what colour and what emotion was attached to each. After this they drew in a circle mandala. When they observed what they had drawn many realised what was strong and what was missing in their lives. A very powerful way of looking within and expressing yourself through art.

Ukelele lessons

I have been teaching a mum and she is learning to play the ukelele at a rapid pace. Her children are enjoying her playing and she is able to teach them. What a wonderful way to share music with your children.